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Summer Print Trends 2017

Summer 2017 is upon us and what better way to prepare than to fill your wardrobe with new patterns. This summer season, the runways have been filled with head to toe pattern from strips to floral. After all summer style without pattern is like summer without ice cream…

Pyjama stripes

What can be better than looking like you just hopped out of bed… This super luxe casual print is great for summer lunches and also to dress up with a great pair of culottes. This print is chic and wearable for everyone!

Gingham Galore 

This one is slightly biased as I did purchase this top, but I can say from personal experience that it’s a great buy for the summer. This print is huge this summer and is in every shop so it’s hard to miss. Black and white gingham goes with almost everything but if your’e feeling more adventurous then the print comes in many colours from pink to yellow.

Floral Frenzy 

Floral is the go to print each summer and it has made another appearance this season. This print can give any outfit a feminine touch but also looks edgy paired with a leather jacket and boots!

Graphic Jungle 

This print can help to release your wild side this summer ranging from printed plants to jungle animals. This is a perfect print for the fashionista who likes to stand out amongst the crowd and get people talking, as it makes a roaring first impression. It is the perfect print to pair with a cute pair of denim shorts for summer or edge it up with a leather jacket. But be aware, do not clash with another pattern, keep it simple and wear it with plain fabrics.