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Roll up, roll up to Circo’s Dinner Show Experience !

Circo has moved from its former swanky home at The Albert Dock, to the edgy cool of
Seel Street, and I somehow bagged an invitation, along with a group of friends, to one
of the launch events (yes, there were a few!).
Kier Smith, Events and Marketing Manager at Circo, said “When Circo first started, the
show was completely different to anything around, and it really did create many firsts.
“Over time, as we have developed our ideas so have others, and we really want to
provide an experience that continues to position our brand as creative innovators and to
consistently delight and surprise our customers.
“After nine years on the Albert Dock, it felt natural to move to a venue that can enhance
the show experience.” I’m not going to lie, but at the moment it’s quite difficult to spot the entrance to the new
venue from the outside, but it’s definitely worth hunting down. (FYI it’s inbetween…)
My first impression was that it seemed more like a comedy club than the glossy Circo feel I was accustomed to at the old venue. Their new home is much bigger. With 7,000 sq. ft. of space to play with, Circo now boasts a capacity of 250 seated and an impressive 1000 standing.
At first, it felt a bit like an empty warehouse, but suddenly that changed. The Coco Bongo and Cirque De Soleil influences are clear from the moment you step foot inside: feather-weather showgirls are scattered around the space, and their very own ringmaster AKA Paul St German, was awaiting our arrival. The staff filled the place with an energetic positivity from their first hello, and the music could not have been more fun-filled: upbeat pop-classics were in abundance. S Club 7 and Grease Megamix in particular went down a storm!
Hen parties were dancing on the bar before the ‘official show’ had begun. This is definitely something you want to come to with a good-sized group. I went with five other friends and we were lucky enough to have seats bang front and centre, but to be honest, I think wherever you sit the experience would be just as good because the whole venue really does come alive.
But what about the food?
 Mexican-inspired sharing platters of all things yummy: salmon empanados, Cajun prawn skewers, mixed bean con carne baskets, and the rest. So. Much. Food! And to our surprise – that was just the first of three courses!
The show begins after the first course, with performers from dancers and gymnasts to firebreathers and free-runners, and everything in-between. With an LED screen and feature stage, the venue has clearly been purpose built to host
this kind of entertainment. But the performances don’t stay on the stage, the artists fly into the air and immerse
themselves into the crowd – it’s obvious why this vast space is needed.
Then the next course came, which included stuffed Mexican chicken, pulled pork nachos, corn on the cob, chimichanga, onion rings, cajun fries and more. There’s a special vegetarian menu too, which is delicious (and I’m a fussy eater). What is more, the staff will really go out of their way to make sure you get enough food
for your dietary requirements. (Not having enough food is definitely not an issue).
Performance after performance filled the evening – each completely unique with different costumes, lighting and combinations of performers. The aerial duo in particular left jaws dropped with their incredibly sensual, gravity-
defying stunts. The former ‘freak show’ vibe of the old Circo, has been replaced with a mesmerising
Never Ever Land theme full of enchantment. At this point, after seeing the abs of steel on the female member of the aerial duo in her tiny open-cut leotard, I immediately began regretting having stuffed my face with the first
two courses.
But then came my favourite: popcorn and the most incredibly moreish chocolate tortes, and forgive me lord but I have no willpower. This is not a night that is good for the waistline, but it definitely feeds the soul. After the dinner show, DJ Les Calvert transformed the venue into a nightclub like no other, with the flick of a switch! The floor quickly filled up with ravers, and even more performances took place at intervals throughout the night.
So the verdict: Circo’s new Dinner Shows are even bigger and better than ever before, providing a jaw-dropping experience that reaches an impressive new height – literally. And fans of the old Circo need not worry, they still have the polar bear! My advice: if you’re looking for a fun and unique night, book now – this is going to be a sell out!”