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Get beach body ready with Lipofirm Pro!

As summer is fast approaching all of us here in the Chic office have been working hard to get beach body ready. Of course we have all been eating right and training in the gym but we still have a few last stubborn pounds we’d like to shift. As we all have such busy schedules we’ve been looking into a new non-invasive form of liposuction: Lipofirm Pro. 

We’ve heard some great things about Lipofirm and we’ve found the perfect place that offers the treatment. Catherine Walsh is the company director of Lipo Clinic Aesthetics based in Manchester. She said: “I have built a successful business as well applying dedication, hard work, love and passion for the industry. I have always worked with reputable brands that are results driven and deliver great training. I research my brands very well, only working with brands that have earned their status in the industry for being the best at what they do.”

Chic spoke to Catherine to get the lowdown on Lipofirm:

Could you tell us about your brand philosophy?

 On my journey through building the business I have worked my way up offering beauty services and slowly found myself venturing into the more aesthetic side. As the business has developed and evolved things are changing, I decided to take the next step and invest in a non surgical high end machine. I asked myself what can I bring and offer to my clients that others aren’t right now? After doing much research I came across the Lipo firm pro and there were many things about this machine that are very different to any other lipo machine on the market, these include;

  • Machine has undergone clinical trials and has medical graded papers, proving to do what it says it will do.
  • A Patented technology called Trilipo, giving it the edge above other brands
  • Only 30 minute treatment
  • No downtime (can go straight back to work or activities)
  • Multiple body areas can be treated on the same day
  • Shorter frequency times than cryolipolysis and ultrasound cavitation
  • Treats both Face and Body

Why do you think there has been such a boom in non-invasive lipo treatments?  

I believe that there are a couple of reasons as to why these types of treatments have rapidly grown and became very popular, these include;

  • Lifestyle – more and more of us are becoming more aware of healthy eating and incorporating exercise into our lifestyles but with most of us leading hectic lives and busy schedules it’s still very hard to shift access weight!
  • More and more celebs are being used to promote these types of treatments on social media and at big events giving more and more exposure to these types of treatments.
  • The customer has the option of a non surgical treatment with very little, if any, depending on the machine, recovery time involved.
  • Cost – much more appealing than liposuction without surgery or downtime involved.
  • More and more of us are conscious of our bodies, we want to look and feel younger, why not try alternative treatments to help with weight loss.

What makes you different to other clinics?  

I only work with reputable brands that are well recognised within the industry and run a very friendly, salon/clinic maintaining a very professional image and approach. I believe that my passion and love for the industry has given me the edge above many salons in Manchester winning the salon two awards two years in a row at the English Hair and Beauty Awards.

What areas of the body can be treated with Lipofirm Pro and is the treatment long lasting?

This machine will treat most areas of the body, bum, back of thighs, front of thighs, legs, love handles, stomach, arms, front and back and chin/face for skin tightening & dynamic muscle activation.

The results of this treatment are very good. We advise a course of treatments, this is determined at the consultation stage but normally we would advise a course of 8 sessions to treat cellulite and any areas of stubborn pockets of fat. Having just the one treatment will still give instant inch loss results however to achieve best long term results this type of treatment is best received as a course.

Why should a client choose you for Lipofirm and not somewhere else? 

I pride myself on experience and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to any treatments that we offer in the clinic. We are very thorough with our consultations and ensure that all questions and the correct information is relayed to the client before going ahead with any treatment. We find out what the clients needs are, what their expectations are from the treatment, is it right for them etc. The clinic is friendly, warm and inviting with a professional image. The clients journey from the moment they step into the business to the moment they leave are looked after and treated with care.

 What advice would you give to anyone considering Lipofirm?  

My advice to anyone considering to have this treatment would be to look at your lifestyle, is there anything you could change alongside the treatment to help with weight loss? If committing to a course of treatments try to use this as an incentive to give yourself a push in changing diet and increasing exercise, after all this is a non surgical treatment and so the costs are higher as opposed to a standard body wrap.

We love the sound of Lipofirm Pro, if you do too then give the clinic a call on  0161 425 8228 to book an appointment or you can head to the website and book an appointment via the booking app.