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Everything You Need to Know About the Non-Surgical Nosejob

Hands up, who’s heard of the non-surgical nose job?

If you are hot on all things beauty, you probably have. But for most, this is a revolutionary discovery – no more bumps in the nose, and no need to go under the knife!

The non-surgical nose job is a new and exciting alternative to surgery for those clients interested in enhancing and improving the shape of their noses without the pain, cost, downtime and risks and recovery associated with invasive surgery.

The team at Liverpool’s ‘Aesthetically You’ clinic have been offering Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty for over 3 years now, but they have seen the nose job grow more and more popular over the last 18 months.

The main benefit of this treatment when compared to surgery is that it is less invasive with minimal risks, no bruising and no swelling.  Plus, Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty only takes 15 minutes, making it perfect for the busiest of women – you could even have this procedure carried out on your lunch break!

So, how does this procedure work? A fine needle is used to inject small amounts of Dermal Filler beneath the skin in order to smooth out sharp angles, fill depressions and restore symmetry, resulting in a smaller more attractive nose and profile.Non surgical

Michelle from Aesthetically You says:

‘I love seeing the client look in the mirror for the first time to see their result and examine their profile. It can be quite emotional for them, as a lot of clients are really unhappy with how their nose looks especially those who have a bump or a hooked profile. It gives them a lot more confidence in how they look and feel.’

The 15-minute nose job is an ideal treatment for:

  • Bridge augmentation
  • Nasal defect/hump correction (straightening of profile)
  • Nasal tip projection
  • Enhancing nose balance

The results typically last 6-9 months, although this can differ from person to person. There may be some mild redness in the treated area initially after treatment, which resolves after a few hours.

Liverpool’s leading provider of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, Aesthetically You, have been changing people’s lives with this simple yet highly effective treatment for years. For a consultation, get in touch with Aesthetically You.

Ring Aesthetically You for an appointment today on 0151 427 0014.

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