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Chic Businessman of the Month: Drew Cockton

Every month, we select a local entrepreneur who intrigues, inspires and motivates us here at The Chic Edit online magazine, and we sit down with them to learn more about who they are and why they chose to start up their own business.

This June, we are pleased to announce that our Chic Businessman of the Month is the inspirational Drew Cockton! Drew Cockton of Owen Drew Luxury Candles is set to turn over £1million this year, which we think here at Chic, is a huge achievement that should be shouted about. His candles are popular amongst the rich and famous, including Paris Hilton, beauty brand magnate and founder of ‘Rodial Skincare’, Maria Hatzistefanis and more local to home, the Real Housewives of Cheshire. He has become a house hold name in the candle industry so we wanted to find out how he has created his success.

We sat down with Drew, founder of Owen Drew Luxury Candles, to find out more about what it means to own his business and gain some valuable advice:

  1. What made you want to start your own business?

I wanted to do something creative which inspired and fulfilled me. I also wanted to be in charge of my own time and schedule because of the freedom this gives you.

  1. Where does the inspiration for the candles come from?

I am inspired by beautiful homes and interiors. I’m inspired by fashion and style and of course, beautiful designer fragrances, which is where my “inspired by” range comes from, including Creed and Chanel. These candles emulate the smells of the famous fragrances, allowing people to enjoy a touch of luxury without the price tag of the perfume.

  1. What has been the biggest highlight since starting your business?

Biggest highlight was when real housewife of Cheshire star, Dawn Ward, asked me to produce a line of candles with her. She is synonymous with luxury and interior style so it was a wonderful endorsement.

  1. What is your favourite aspect of running your own business?

The wonderful feedback I get from people who adore my candles and tell me that they are the best they have ever had. I love converting people from the well-known luxury brands to Owen Drew. It really makes my day when people tell me how much they love my products.

  1. Where do you source your ingredients for the candles? 

I source only the best ingredients for my candles. The wax and oils I use are the finest quality which is why my candles are superior quality to their competitions. I source my ingredients only in the UK.

  1. Who inspires you the most?

Other entrepreneurs inspire me, especially Maria Hatzistefanis, the woman who founded the luxury skincare brand ‘Rodial’ (the Kardashians are huge fans), because she spent her life savings starting her business from home with nothing and made it into a global success. She had an innovative idea and ran with it.

  1. What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own business?

Make sure you have a good idea first and that you are better than your competitors, otherwise there’s no point. If you really want to do something, just go for it – life’s too short for regrets about not having done the things you want.

  1. Why do you think people love candles so much?

I believe people want their homes to smell wonderful and this is what my products offers them. Also, in this era of austerity, people want to be able to have a touch of luxury, a little treat; that lasts them weeks. People can’t always afford to go to expensive restaurants or stay in expensive hotels but with my candles, their home can be their luxurious sanctuary

  1. What is your favourite scent and why?

White Linen and English Lavender – it’s made with real lavender oil and smells dreamy. It’s perfect to light in the evenings before bed to create a sense of tranquillity for a blissful night’s sleep.

  1. What does the future hold for Owen Drew candles?

Big things. I am set to turn over £1m this year and will be looking to expand massively. Stay tuned!


To invest in Owens’ luxury candles visit his website: